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Diamond in the rough


I have a ring that has a raw diamond in it. I like the philosophy of it. I like looking at it and thinking about what it is and what it can be.

One part about a raw diamond is that it represents potential. It is about seeing the beauty in something that hasn’t happened yet. But another part about it is about seeing the beauty as it is. Instead of being cut and shaped and faceted, it is good to appreciate the beauty it has right now.

This applies to people as well. Are we enlightened because we see someone’s potential or because we see them and appreciate them for who they are right now? Do we love the mustard seed because it is going to become a big tree or do we love the mustard seed because we can grind it up and make it into a spice for a meal?

Everything and everyone is valuable at every stage of their journey. Every part of the whole is valuable. We love eating the fruit of the cherry tree but we also love the wood of the cherry tree. No one part is more valuable. No one part is better than another. Even if we don’t chop up the tree we can still appreciate its beauty and its shade.

Let us not be human centric. The tree provides food and shelter for animals as well. And the tree just on its own has value. It doesn’t have to have value in relation to other things.

We need to think this way about ourselves, our fellow humans, and all of our fellow creatures on this earth. We need to see the beauty that is, not just the beauty that will be.

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