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Cold complaint

The people who complain most about the cold weather are always the same people who aren’t dressed for it. They have dressed as if the weather is what they want it to be, rather than what it is. Something seems pathological about this. It also seems common.

The easiest way to be unhappy is to focus on what you don’t have rather than what you do have. If you are living in the past or the future you are not living in the now. If you aren’t in the now, nothing will satisfy you.

You are using the wrong template. Round peg, square hole and all that. If now is the round peg and you are trying to fit it into your expectations of how things were in the past or how you think they will go in the future, you’ll rarely be happy, because then isn’t now.

People who complain about the cold never have a hat on, never have a thick coat on, or if they have a coat they don’t have it zipped up so it isn’t insulating them. Hearing them complain is like watching someone hit their head against a wall and then they wonder why they have a headache.

I’ve given up telling people to get a hat or a coat when they complain. They always have an excuse. Secretly they just want to complain. They want to show off how miserable they are. They are being martyrs. Small martyrs, but martyrs nonetheless.

So while I’m using this as a “wake up” call like I’ve written about recently, I’m also ignoring it in a way. I’m not commenting on it to the person, either for or against. I’m not saying “Yes, you’re right, it is cold” or “It is winter, you know”. To comment on it is to reward it, to approve of it. Remember attention is energy, even if it is negative attention. For me to say anything, for or against, is to teach this person that this self-harming behavior is acceptable and they should continue it.

I knew those child-rearing books would come in useful.

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