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Unboxing Jesus

I went to a church once to visit with a friend and a lady there invited me to join them. I told her I had a church that I went to. This wasn’t enough for her.

I had a coworker once who insisted that I come to her church. She knew that I went every Sunday to my church. That wasn’t good enough for her, either. She told me that she didn’t think God was in my church.

I told her that God isn’t in a box. God isn’t just in one place. God is everywhere.

Look at Jesus, after the resurrection. He is the disappearing rabbit in the hat. He suddenly appears in a locked room. He disappears again. He is wherever he wants to be, and nothing can stop him.

He isn’t in one denomination, or one particular building. He doesn’t speak through one particular minister.

You can find God everywhere. You can find God’s message in a magazine or in a book on deep sea diving. I have a friend who says he finds God in recipe books. You can find God’s message in a Goodwill store. God hides in plain sight.

Jesus has left the building. We have to think outside of the box. We have to think outside of the church building.

It isn’t about worshipping God. It is about serving God. We’d all be better off if we spent that hour at a soup kitchen instead of singing hymns.

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