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Thankfulness for an apple.

I had an apple for a snack at work today, and I thought of all the different things to be thankful for, just with this apple.

It is really pretty.
That I had the money to buy it.
I have teeth to eat it with.
That I can digest it.
I had a car to go to the store.
I have the desire to eat healthy food.
I have the desire to buy organic.
The farmers who grew it.
The workers who picked it.
The truckers who transported it.
The bees who pollinated it.
There was good weather to grow it.
It was tasty.
I have a job where I have the luxury of being able to take a break.

This is all from appreciating an apple. Now, to try to be this level of thankful about everything. It is good to be not only thankful for my food, but having a house to store it in, and a refrigerator, and electricity to run the fridge… and on and on. There is so much we take for granted, that when it is gone we miss it. I pray for new eyes and a new heart, that I can see and appreciate all that I have, right now.

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