Organic food is just a start.

One advantage to eating organic food is that you feel like you are making a difference. Whether the benefit is all in your head or real, you feel healthier and more vibrant. I feel like I’m doing something good for myself and the planet. I think also that if more of us eat organic food, then it will get less expensive.

I don’t eat a lot of organic food because of the cost. I have a low level civil service job with the government, so I’m paid very little. I feel like I’m being paid in a future pension and in health insurance rather than in wages. But that is part of the package. Government jobs aren’t get rich quick. They aren’t get poor slow, either. They are middle of the road.

Currently I eat organic oatmeal and apples and hummus. It isn’t much but something is better than nothing. You have to start somewhere.

The disadvantage to eating organic food is you retrain your taste buds. I had some regular oatmeal this morning and it tasted terrible. I felt like I had a coating of chemicals in my mouth. I felt a little dizzy too. This was the same flavor as the organic version, so there isn’t a flavor issue I’m dealing with. Perhaps it was artificially flavored as well? Generally maple and brown sugar flavor isn’t messed around with. Dang it, I just checked. “Natural and artificial flavors”. Bleah.

It reminds me of when I switched to drinking water instead of sodas. I used to drink Mello Yello every day, several times a day. Lots of caffeine and sugar and fizz loaded in that. Let’s not forget the artificial coloring too. I hated drinking water at first because it is so boring. But then after a month of water, a soda tasted terrible. I burped a lot from the carbonation. The sugar was too much and made me feel weird, or maybe that was the caffeine. Or maybe it was both.

I started to wonder why I even drank that stuff to start with. Now I wonder how I could eat regular oatmeal. I’m starting to dread finishing that box in the pantry.

I’m wondering what else I’ve come to think is “normal” that isn’t normal at all.

This isn’t just about food. I’ve been looking into everything I can and trying to uncover and unveil what I’ve ignored. I’m trying to open my eyes and my mind. What am I missing? What have I always assumed? What have I not questioned? This applies to education, healthcare, government, religion – everything.

There is a lot to studying other ways of doing things involved in this. Different ways of communicating, eating, thinking, believing all factor in. There is a lot to learning different traditions and faiths. The more I question why “we’ve always done it that way” the more things open up.

The bad part is that the more I become aware, the harder it is to fit in. Perhaps there are others who are faking it too. Perhaps by just talking about it, we can start to change things. Wouldn’t it be nice to go into a restaurant and have everything on the menu be not only tasty to eat but good for us and the planet? Wouldn’t it be nice to go into a doctor’s office and be told how to prevent our illnesses by eating the right things and exercising properly?

I want everybody to be awakened and empowered.

Snakes, again. Trust the process.

There is a part in the Gospels where Jesus says that if you are acting in accordance with the will of God, you cannot be harmed by snakes or poison. There are a tiny number of Appalachian churches that take this seriously and make handling snakes and drinking poison part of the worship service. Personally I find this missing the point.

It is taking the message far too literally, and in far too small a way. The message is for us to not be afraid of anything. If we are in alignment with God, nothing will harm us.

This doesn’t mean that we will never be hurt, never suffer, never be sick. Cancer kills Christians the same as atheists. Tornadoes flatten Christian homes the same as anybody else’s.

But remember the story of Daniel in the lion’s den? He refused to worship the king as his God. He didn’t obey the law of the land and was thrown in a pit with a hungry lion. He didn’t get eaten. He didn’t even get harmed. He was ok with the idea of being killed by the lion, however. Better to die obeying the heavenly king than to live following a mortal one.

Remember the story of Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego? They were thrown into a hot furnace because of their refusal to serve anyone but God. It gives me chills to read how the observers saw an angel in there with them.

Jesus is constantly telling us to not be afraid, constantly telling us that he will never forsake us. He tells us that he will be with us to the end of the age.

Are you afraid whether you are able to follow Jesus? He tells his disciples, then and now, to not worry about what to say, because the Holy Spirit will provide the words. He tells his disciples then and now to not worry about what we are going to eat or wear.

Remember the story about how they needed to pay the temple tax and Jesus tells Peter to go fish? What a crazy story. But it is to let us know that our needs will be provided for.

So if nothing can harm you if you are doing God’s will, how do you know if you are? How do you know if you are walking on the right path? You are. It may not seem like it sometimes, but if you are seeking God, you are on the right path.

Paul tells us that all things work together for good for those who follow God. This doesn’t mean that it is all wonderful. It means that everything is part of God’s plan. It may seem like you are being held back in some area – but in reality, God is keeping you from something worse.

Trust the process. The more we try to define that something is “good” or “bad”, the more trouble we make for ourselves. Try not to define it. Let it be. We humans have a hard time with perspective. We only see things right here and now, and how they affect us. God sees things in the eternal and the universal.

Isaiah tells us that whether we turn to the left or the right, God is with us. God is constantly with us, and for us. No matter where we go and what we do, nothing can separate us from the knowledge and love of God. Nothing.

Know that everything is going as it should, and that you are part of this plan.