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Poem 5, dance.

Now I’m on the way.
The more I write, the clearer the picture.

For some reason God is real
And I no longer have any questions.

Maybe they do not mean to make us forget our birthright.
Maybe they are hungry people who don’t know themselves.

We are called to love.
We are called to make the world whole.

From the beginning there were many mistakes,
many missteps in the dance.
This is part of creation.
This is part of being human.

Let us hope that the same thing in the fire
that danced atop the disciple`s heads
is still with us now.

Otherwise we will have to walk barefoot
on hot coals
and dance this dance anew
faux pas and all.

It is time to begin again.
Let us hear the heartbeat of the universe.
Let us dance with God.

One and two and three, cha cha cha.
Spin and dip, cha cha cha.

Together, we will hold each other,
dancing this new dance,
this old dance, this eternal dance.

Time to take off your shoes.
This is holy ground.

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