Consumerism is the new religion

Consumerism is the religion of the world.

It is destroying the planet.

It is the antichrist

– the opposite of life-giving, of healing, of resurrection.

It is about trust in yourself,

not sharing, greed.

It creates war and poverty.

It builds present presents and walls.

Time to cast out this false God

this idol of “you deserve it”

this spirit of “me first” and to hell with everybody else.

It pits person against person,

creating nations that war against each other

blinding us to our true nature

of oneness of unity,

that we are all in this together on this life-raft we call Earth

and if we don’t pull together we’ll discover

to our horror

there is no planet B.

Instead of trying to Terraform Mars

why don’t we re-form Terra

(which is the old name for Earth)?

Community meditation – art journal


Page about what it means to be in community, to work together.  Do we need to live in the same area to be in communion? The communion of the disciples – they shared everything.  Is this a way for us to save money – to defeat the housing crisis, the sense of alienation and loneliness?  To help those who have nobody to help them (spouse has died, family is abusive).  We are made to be together – not to be separate islands.  The Tiny House movement would work well if people shared major resources – washer/dryer, lawn equipment.  This is how monasteries work – don’t waste energy on things you can share.  Have time/energy left to help others.

Base is from “Stampington and Company” magazine.  Someone else made it.  I found the stamps on some mail that was sent – either to work or my house.  I like how they look together – but also that penguins have to live and work together to survive.  I like how the red and blue make purple – a synergy – a greater than the sum of the parts.

Tim Holtz words, white gel pen (the brand I found out from someone else on an artist group page).  Fortune cookie message.


One 013016
Text reads:
Imagine if (when) the Body of Christ joins together, works together, as ONE, serving God in unison, ONE, as God is ONE.

No divisions, no denominations, no doctrines. Our only leader is God, who we all hear clearly. (May it come speedily and in our time. Amen)

8.5 x 12 inch Strathmore visual journal
Bought ephemera (magazine page depicting a school of fish swimming in unison)
Silver sharpie. White gel pen.

Created 1/30/16.

Poem – we are all orphans

We are all orphans, you and I,
regardless of what age we were when
our parents left us,
regardless of how
they left us,
regardless of if
they left us at all.

Thirteen or thirty makes no difference.
Death or divorce makes no difference.
The pain is the same.
The loss is just as deep,
the edges of the wound
just as jagged,
just as raw.

But we deceive ourselves
when we say
we miss
our parents,
because even when
they are alive and with us,
we still have a lack,
a feeling of loss.
Even when they are fully present
we are missing something.
We think
that when they die
we have a name for this feeling.
We call it grief.
But really we were grieving
even when they were with us.

Our lack, our loss,
is that we desire to be
One with the One.
We desire to be together
with our Heavenly Parent.
Not dead,
but fully
and totally
alive in that presence.

Just like how people who are dying,
even when they have not spoken
in days,
will cry to be home,
even when they are there
It isn’t a physical address
they are longing for.
It isn’t a place.

Likewise it isn’t our earthly parents
we miss,
but our True Parent.