Don’t ever make the vase more beautiful than the flowers.
The flowers have their own beauty.
The flowers will fade, will wither, will die.

The vase will continue.
Forever beautiful.
Forever fresh.

To put plain flowers in a fancy vase
is to draw away
from the now, the temporal, the elusive.

To put fancy flowers in a fancy vase is redundant.
Who would notice the flowers?

The vase must be tall enough
or short enough
or wide enough
or narrow enough
for the flowers.

The vase, like a frame for a picture,
isn’t the point.

It is what it holds that matters.

Nothing is stranger than a large beautiful vase
with just enough room in the neck for one flower.

It makes me want to get a weed,
a dandelion,
a thistle,
some privet,
and jam it in there.
I’d pretend it was as ornate as a hydrangea
as celebrated as a rose
as exotic as a bird of paradise.

There is an art to matching flower to vase.
I think God thinks the same thing when matching souls to bodies.
Except it is reversed.
The body is the vase,
but the body is temporal.
The soul is the flower
but the soul is eternal.

Sometimes, the simpler the body
the more elaborate the soul.

God is neither male nor female.

God is neither male nor female. God just is. God is both and neither. God has no need of gender. God does not need another half. God is whole. God is the Creator. It is our human minds that need male-ness and female-ness to God. God has both qualities together.

I believe that to promote the idea of “the Goddess” or the “divine feminine” in order to achieve parity is a bad idea. I understand why some women feel it necessary to have God be female. People tend to want to make God in their own image. But if it is rude to women to have God be masculine, then it is rude to men to have God be feminine.

Our human brains can’t handle something not being definable or limitable, but that is at the heart of what God is.

God is the alpha and the omega at the same time. God is, was, and shall be. Our human minds cannot handle that. We can’t handle something that is beyond our concept of time. So we certainly can’t handle something that is asexual or bisexual or omnisexual. We don’t have a box on the form to check off for that.

God was described as male, as father, in a time where being male was seen as superior. This is why God was described as male then. But God is above all of us. Our language does not have a third person gender neutral pronoun other than it, and that sounds terrible. “It” just doesn’t have any weight to it. But s/he is weird too. And it still subtly promotes one gender before another. God is the perfect balance of both, and neither at the same time.

It is us who are divided, but God is one. God is complete and unified.