Fabulous meatballs

Ingredients –
10 oz of ground turkey

Three large slices of week-old Italian bread

fresh basil – about two cups’ worth once processed

salt, pepper, dried rosemary, and cumin to taste.

Olive oil (for cooking) – enough to cover the bottom of the pan.

one egg – preferably free-range


Process the bread and the basil in a food processor until everything is in small pieces. Add the seasonings and blend them in with the processor.

In a separate container, scramble one egg and then add the ground turkey. Mix it up thoroughly with one hand. Then pour in the bread/basil/seasoning mixture from the processor and mix it all up thoroughly, using that hand.

Form the meat into meatballs. (I made about 10 fairly large ones with this mixture)

Pan-fry the meatballs in olive oil on a medium-low heat. It is better to cook them slowly over a low heat than quickly. This will keep the meatballs tender and ensure the meat is cooked thoroughly. Turn frequently.

You are done when they are slightly golden-brown on the outside and there is no pink on the inside.

Our island – supper as a haven.

When my husband and I have supper together at the dinner table, I like to think of it as our island. It is our special place where it is just him and me. We don’t talk about work or family or troubles. Our island is just for happy things.

These days it is especially important to have a moment of calm. These days there’s a new rule – no dead people on the island. There’s too much going on about his Mom’s memorial service, the estate, and family drama. Because of this, we have started having dinner at the table more often.

It is like a sabbatical in the middle of chaos. It is like a holiday in the middle of the week. It restores us and resets us.

At a minimum, I want us to eat at the table once a week, on Friday evening. Anything extra is good too. Previously we would sit in the living room and watch television. We don’t watch broadcast television. We have DVDs of television series or movies. Sometimes it takes several evenings to watch a complete episode. But while we are eating in there, we’re not really spending time with each other. We’re not building up our own relationship.

Through this new experience we are learning how to re-create ourselves as people and as a couple. In fact, after the dinner prayer last night my husband added something to the prayer. He prayed that we not allow drama with family to get in between us. That is unusual for him to add something to the prayer, and it is a beautiful thing for him to add. It is a good reminder that we chose each other. We didn’t choose our family. If our family is being difficult then we don’t have to allow them on our island.