Poem – your body is a sanctuary

Your body is a sanctuary,
a home to a
piece of the
of God.

Just like a regular home,
you have to maintain it.
Just like a mosque
or a church
or a synagogue
or a temple,
you want to make sure
it is clean
and strong.

It is an act of worship,
of respect to God
to take care of your body
– to eat healthy food,
get exercise
and enough sleep,
to not put any poisons in it.

Just as you would not
dump a bag
of trash
in a house of God,
do not do so
to your body.

You wouldn’t allow vandals in,
who leave the place a shambles,
a wreck,
so don’t allow people
into your mind
who attack you
by bringing your down.

You are the keeper
and the guardian
of your sanctuary.
It is a gift from God to you.
How you take care of it
is your gift
back to God.
A strong, healthy body
is better able
to be of service
to God
by serving
the world.

Heart full of Jesus – self-care as a religious mandate

If we have made a home in our hearts for Jesus, then we should treat ourselves like we would treat Jesus. So what should we do?

We’d take better care of ourselves and show ourselves love. We’d cook good, healthy meals for ourselves. We’d take time to play and read good books.

Think if you are going to have a guest over – a long time friend or someone important from another country. What if it is the Queen or the Pope? What would you do? Would you put on tabloid TV? Or soap operas? Would you make them watch TV at all?

Or would you play board games, or have a nice conversation? Would you pull out all your musical instruments and create a song together? Would you pull out the craft supplies and have fun making something?

How would you spend your time with this important visitor? How is this different from how you spend your time with yourself when you are alone?

Treat yourself as if you are an important visitor, because you are. Your spirit, your soul, is a tiny piece of God. Treat yourself as the child of God that you are.

“Be mindful of your self-talk. It’s a conversation with the Universe” – David James Lees