Presidential prophecies

I’ve seen some unusual prophecies about Donald Trump’s time in office. I’ll share them here –

From Elizabeth Peru’s blog on 11-10-16
My Dear Community,

As I write this week’s ‘important’ blog post, America has just elected its next president. This is a decision that affects the entire globe, for we are all citizens of Earth and the energy of one nation does impact on the whole. Let me begin by saying that I am Australian and write from my perspective as a global citizen looking at the American situation from an ‘energy stand point’. In fact, my whole blog post will focus on the ‘energy’ behind the election, what to take away from it and where ‘to go’ from here, as a globe…

However you look at the American people’s decision, which has just elected Trump as president, it all has to do with energy. Throughout the entire election campaign, there was so much energy directed toward Trump and from Trump. He loves energy and thrives from it. Most of it was negative and it created a field of attraction that was palpable. Remember, that no matter if the energy is positive or negative, it is the force behind it which matters the most and gives it life.

Hence, if you are against ‘something or someone’, giving over all your energy to it or them, this actually increases its/their strength and can diminish yours in direct proportion. Hence, today in the US (and globally) we are see millions of people almost shell shocked and drained. Likewise, there are those who feel lighter, hopeful and energised now that a decision has finally been made.

It’s so important that we now use the prevailing energy ‘post election’ to OUR ADVANTAGE. I’m always advocating (through my work) that we can create and utilise daily opportunities to rise up and better our lives. You have a choice. Just like this election was based on choice. You can get frustrated right now and sink into a pit of despair or you can rise and ask yourself, “How can I best use this energy to propel my life ahead?” For when we each do this, the collective as a whole rises.

Back on June 24, 2016 I sent out the below, special’ BREXIT, COSMIC ENERGY & US ELECTIONS REPORT’ to my Tip-Off Subscribers. This is what I said regarding The US Elections & The Cosmic Influences…

” OK, now let’s look at the pending US elections from a cosmic standpoint, as I know so many of you are worried about what may eventuate come November 2016. It’s that UNKNOWN factor again, isn’t it?

Well to begin with, the planetary Grand Cross is and will be influencing the tide of events of the US elections. Remember it’s all about championing yourself as an individual so that you are in a better position to assist the whole. It’s all about self-worth and reflecting that high value in your outer world.

Therefore, if you are an American voting in this election, you will vote for whichever party best suits your goals to rise in self-worth. You may say, “This is neither party”. For indeed we often vote by how we relate to the party leader, as opposed to the policies.

And whilst the policies may not resonate either, each American will need to look deep into their heart at the bigger picture, at what will allow them to do as the UK has done, make a stand as an individual.

I actually see more Americans voting this year than ever before. It’s the feeling that ‘our vote personally counts now’, that has shifted in 2016, as opposed to previous years.

Before I go into the cosmic influences upon this election, on a personal level, I must say that I feel whatever party does get into government, there will be a radical shift or change in the way they govern from the way they have campaigned that they will.

The people will demand it and the leaders personalities you see on display now, will surprise you when they actually are in charge.

Meaning, don’t be too worried if you don’t like either candidate, for something is going to change in how or who will govern within the first six months of their taking the reigns. And it will be for the greater good.

In The US election month, we feel an actual lightening up!! Yes, most of our lessons for 2016 are complete and we already have our sites set on 2017 and the new energy decade for the planet.

New beginnings abound for most people and I sense that a level-headedness takes over the planet. The energy is grounded and WE take positive action, personally.

Around the actual date of the election November 8, karmic cosmic influences come into play. People will be feeling very responsible and will have the bigger picture in view.

Interestingly Uranus plays a part, so there could be a swing at the end that wasn’t expected.

In short, I urge you not to be concerned. 2017 and beyond will demand that we take more personal responsibility for the way the world moves. It’s high time that more people woke up and did something to upshift in their personal life circumstances. We do have that power if we claim it.

Afterall, we will never collectively rise until this has begun and it has and I for one am feeling happy that at long last people are listening and slowly starting to action what was always theirs to utilise. ”

Then on September 3, 2016, I was interviewed by Tony & Eddie of ‘Truth Be Told Radio’ and I again mentioned that whoever got elected would see a change in their presidency after they took office. My feeling ‘was and still is’ that they may not see out their tenure. Watch The Video at 20.29 minutes in…

So I find it ‘very interesting’ that Trump in his acceptance speech yesterday, also eluded to this when he said.. ” I look very much forward to being your president, and hopefully at the end of two years or three years or four years, or maybe even eight years… ”

For decades we have heard about the ideal of ‘The American Dream’. It’s an ideal that has infiltrated popular culture worldwide. Yet, the reality outside of the dream is that in order to live a life of ease, respect and prosperity, one needs to surround themselves in the circumstances and people to create this. From what I tune into, many Americans AND global citizens, are despondent with their own lives. They have been complacent for far too long and with the rise of the Internet and social media are finally waking up within their dream. Conscious awareness is stirring on this planet and its high time that it did.

It’s important that instead of placing all of our energy into a figure head (such as a president) that we now use this fire in our belly to DO SOMETHING POSITIVE to improve our own life standing. There is an incredible amount of energy now available at YOUR DISPOSAL to utilise and upgrade your life!!

For when I tune into Trump, I sense someone who acts as a ‘mirror’. He attracts to him people looking for wealth, power and standing. People who may not believe that they already have this potential within themselves. And there’s a lot of people globally who feel this way. Trump reflects back to them what they want to hear, what they wish they were saying and doing for themselves. It’s a slippery slope for people to put all of heir faith into ‘one person or thing’, without enacting that personal change within themselves.

It is no surprise therefore, that an ex-reality TV personality now becomes the next president of The US. For indeed the American culture (which has spilled out into the global culture ) has seem obsessed with reality TV players and their excessive displays of over the top personalities and wealth. For even though, as much as we seem repulsed by their blown out examples of excess, it is almost an obsession for many, to follow the antics of such shows and their casts. Ask yourself, “What attracts me to reality TV and how can I use any mirrors that I see to improve my life?” How can you use the energy to your advantage, rather than have it working against you?

Right now as global citizens we have many options. We can get angry. We can be apathetic. We can get over-excited and put all our trust in those outside ourselves. OR we can use this incredible shift in global energy to immediately up-shift our lives…

Stop wallowing in social media. Look at what areas of your life are currently lacking. Wake up early and set to work with a plan to implement your ideas that have been on the back burner.
Do something positive. Give out compliments. Wear your best clothes. Exercise. Put in 100% effort into everything that you do. Focus. Pull power towards you, rather than pushing it away.
Focus on the remaining seven weeks of 2016. We are wrapping up what we began in 2008. Old energy is on the way out. Let go every day. Visualise and work towards your ‘ideal’ 2017.
Most importantly create opportunities for your self-care and INVEST in yourself. LOVE is the power which fuels the universe and fuels you. Shower yourself in love and let that energy spill out into the world around you.

From Bentinho Massaro’s Facebook post on 11/9/16

**An insider on Trump’s victory and why it could be the best thing to have happened in a while**
This is what a well-connected insider friend shared with me today:
“Amazing things are happening here on earth, we got the Clinton/Bush machine out of the White House and exposed!
Trump is simply a transitional person who is posing – and never had any intention of leading the country! He is well aware of the NESARA/GESARA Evolution. Look at the man, do you think he wants to work for Americans? No chance!! He is here to help bring in the New Republic of America and block the Clinton/Bush machine’s further control. He will step aside soon, this has been planned for eons.
I can’t freaking believe we got the Clinton/Bush machine out of the White House!!!! This is HUGE for the evolution of earth’s people. Seriously, this man does not want to work for you and me so please stop fretting and lowering your vibrational frequency. He was brave to do this piece for humanity and will receive so much friggin money that he will be happy forever swimming in his riches. Kind of like a pig in slop and happy as a clam. This is all about planetary freedom, and not the least bit about what’s-his-name… Trump. So please don’t judge or fight with others about your political beliefs & disbeliefs. Both candidates were an embarrassment for humanity, yet both were the perfect mirror to all that is wrong with the world today.”

Isaiah’s prophecies fulfilled

They still didn’t believe in him, even though he performed many miracles in front of them. However, this fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which said “Lord, who has believed what we have said? And who has witnessed the strength of the Lord?”

Isaiah explained why they were unable to believe when he said “He has closed their eyes and their hearts, so they could not see or understand, otherwise they would turn to me and be healed.” Isaiah said this when he saw His glory.

In spite of this, many people did believe that Jesus was the Messiah, even including some of the rulers. However they didn’t publicly admit this because the Pharisees had threatened to ban people from the synagogue if they did. They loved to get praise from men rather than getting glory from God.

JN 12:37-43

On the road to Emmaus

The same day, two of Jesus’ followers were on the way to a village named Emmaus. It is about seven miles from Jerusalem. They were discussing everything that had happened while they were walking. While they were talking and arguing, Jesus began to walk along with them but their eyes were prevented from recognizing him. Jesus asked them “What are you two arguing about on your way?” They stopped walking and looked dejected.

Cleopas answered, “Are you the only person visiting in Jerusalem who hasn’t heard the news?”

“What news?” Jesus asked.

They said “All the news about Jesus of Nazareth, who was a Prophet that was powerful in word and deed before God and everyone, and the fact that our own Temple priests and leaders handed him over to the civil authorities to be sentenced to death and then crucified. We had hoped that he was the promised Messiah who had come to liberate Israel. In addition to all of this, three days have passed. Also some of the women in our group told us something amazing. They went out early in the morning to the tomb and didn’t find his body there. They told us that they had seen an angel who said he was alive! A couple of people from our group went to the tomb to check and found it as the women had said, but they didn’t see him.”

Then Jesus said to them “How slow you are to believe everything the Prophets said was to happen! Didn’t they clearly say that the Messiah had to endure everything that has happened before entering into his glory?” Then he began telling them everything that the Prophets had said about him, starting with Moses and going through all the Scriptures, explaining what everything meant.

By this time they were almost to Emmaus and the end of their journey. Jesus gave the impression that he had further to go, but they urged him to stop for the evening because it was so late. So he went in with them to where they were staying.

While he was reclining at the table to eat, he took the bread, gave thanks for it and broke it, and then gave it to them. Suddenly their eyes were opened and they recognized him but then he immediately vanished before their eyes. They began to discuss this, saying “Weren’t our hearts full of fire while he was explaining the Scriptures to us on the road?” They immediately returned to Jerusalem and found the rest of Jesus’ followers who told them “The Lord is risen! He has appeared to Simon!” Then the two who had returned from Emmaus began to share what had happened to them and how he had revealed himself to them while breaking bread.

LK 24:13-35, (MK 16:12-13)

The Judas kiss.

A crowd suddenly arrived while Jesus was speaking. Jesus’ disciple Judas was leading them. He knew where Jesus would be because Jesus often met there with his disciples. Judas lead priests, scribes, and elders from the Temple along with soldiers carrying lanterns, torches, swords and clubs.

Judas had given them a sign, saying “The one I kiss is the one you want to arrest.” Judas immediately went up to Jesus and said “Teacher!” and kissed him. Jesus said to him, “Friend, are you here to betray me with a kiss? Do what you have come to do.”

Jesus, knowing what was about to happen, said to the crowd “Who are you looking for?”

“Jesus of Nazareth,” they answered.

“I am.” Jesus responded.

Judas was standing with the accusers at this point. When Jesus admitted he was the one they were looking for, they all fell to the ground.

Again he asked them “Who are you looking for?” “Jesus of Nazareth,” they said.

“I’ve already told you I am. Since you are looking for just me, let these others go.” This fulfilled Jesus’ words “I have not lost a single person that God has given me.”

Then the Temple authorities and soldiers seized him to arrest him.

One of the disciples asked “Lord, should we attack them with their swords?” Without waiting for an answer, Simon Peter drew his sword and cut off the right ear of the high priest’s slave, whose name was Malchus.

Jesus said “No more violence! Put your sword away! Everyone who takes up the sword will die in the same way. Do you not think that I can call on my Father who will immediately provide me with more than a dozen legions of angels? The Scriptures must be fulfilled that say it has to happen this way. I must drink the cup which my Father has given me.”

Jesus then touched the slave’s ear and healed him.

Speaking to the crowd, Jesus said “Have you come with weapons to arrest me like I’m a criminal? I used to teach every day in the Temple – you could have arrested me there. Yet all of this happened so that the words of the prophets would be fulfilled. But this is your time, and a time when darkness reigns.”

Then all of his disciples ran away.

A young man who was following Jesus was there, wearing just a linen cloth. The crowd tried to grab him as he ran away, but he slipped away naked, leaving his cloth behind.

MT 26:47-56, MK 14:43-52, LK 22:47-53, JN 17:1-11

Gabriel predicts John’s birth

There once was a man named Zachariah who was a priest in the Abijah division when Herod was the king of Judea. He was married to a woman named Elizabeth, who, like him, was descended from the priestly line of Aaron. Both were honorable people and followed all the commandments of the Lord. They were childless because Elizabeth was barren and both of them were elderly.

Zachariah was chosen by lot to enter the inner sanctuary to burn incense when his division was on duty in the Temple. The entire assembly stood outside praying while he performed this task. An angel suddenly appeared, standing to the right of the altar of incense. Seeing the angel, Zachariah was startled and a feeling of terror fell upon him.

Then the angel said to him, “Have no fear Zachariah, your prayer has been heard! Your wife Elizabeth will give birth to a son, and you will name him John. Both of you will be filled with joy and gladness, and many people will rejoice with you at his birth. He will be a champion of the Lord. He must never drink alcohol, because he will be filled with the Holy Spirit even before he is born. He will convince many Israelites to turn to the Lord their God. He will serve God with the same kind of spirit and power of Elijah, and will transform the hearts of parents to be like their children, and the hearts of the disobedient back to the wisdom of the faithful, to prepare all the people for the coming of the Lord.

Zachariah challenged the angel saying “How can I know that this is going to happen? Both I and my wife are very old.”

Then the angel replied “I am Gabriel, who stands in the very presence of God. I was sent to tell you this good news. But because you didn’t believe my words, which will come true in due course, you will lose your ability to speak until the child is born.”

Meanwhile, the congregation outside was wondering why Zachariah was taking so long in the sanctuary. When he finally appeared before them they deduced from his gestures (since he wasn’t able to speak) that he had seen a vision in the sanctuary. He continued to work at the Temple until his assignment was over, and then he returned home.

Shortly after that, his wife Elizabeth became pregnant and she went into seclusion for five months. She said “Blessed is the Lord for taking away my public disgrace!”

LK 1:5-25

Third prediction of death.

Jesus took his disciples aside to speak with them privately while they were on the road going up to Jerusalem. He let them know what was about to happen to him.

“Pay attention! We are going up to Jerusalem. Everything that the prophets wrote about the Son of Man is about to be fulfilled. He will be handed over to the religious authorities and they will sentence him to death. Then he will be handed over to the Gentiles and he will be mocked, insulted, and spat on. Then they will flog him and crucify him. After all that he will rise three days later.”

MT 20:17-19, MK 10:32-34, LK 18:31-34