poem – shoes and hats

hallowed and haunted
this ground
covered with ghosts
of saints and other,
past deeds
praised and profane

we walk barefoot
holding our breath
lest we wake
lest we disturb.
unsettled, unwary
we wander

good that the land is marked
good that the boundaries are set
good that we know
when it is safe
to put our old shoes on
and take our hats off.

Odd how it is
that we are expected
to uncover our feet
yet cover our heads
in the presence of the divine.

If you are going outside, put a hat on. You’ll be happier.

Hats are the secret to happiness.

Now, I don’t mean any hat. Ball caps don’t work. You need something with a brim all around, like a fedora.

I’m a big fan of fedoras.

If it is raining outside, your head is dry. If it is cold outside, your head is warm. A wet, cold head is a bad way to spend your day. Best to avoid it. Wear a hat.

If it is sunny, the light isn’t shining in your eyes. You can angle it so you aren’t squinting. It makes for safer driving. Not squinting and not getting a lot of sunlight on your face means you aren’t getting wrinkles. How awesome is that?

Plus, wearing a cool hat is a great conversation starter. You get to meet all sorts of interesting people when you wear a hat.