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Super secret mantra

Here is my super secret mantra for how I get anything done.  

It is super secret.  

Are you sure you are ready for it? 

OK, here it is – 

“This shit doesn’t do itself.”

If you have a project that you want to do – that you know your soul needs to do – that you know if you don’t do it you will be super sad and maybe a little bit angry, then you HAVE to do it.  Nobody else is going to do that thing. That is your thing, and you have to do it. 

And sometimes that means reading books or watching videos about it until you can buy the equipment to do it. And sometimes it means learning a related craft/skill about it because the thing you want to do/make has never been done before by anybody and you don’t have a teacher or a guide. 

Sometimes you are the teacher / guide for someone else, and you just don’t know it yet. 

So you have to take little tiny baby steps towards the thing that you have to make/do/bring forth into the world because otherwise it will never be made. And the world will be that much lesser because of it. 

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