The best gift – poem

If I had my way                                                                                       I’d be getting up around 10                                                                         with no alarm clock having drifted awake
resurfaced, like a deep-sea diver.                                      

But instead I’ve pulled myself up                                                                                 (if not out)                                                                                                                       of bed sitting here,                                                                                        writing to clear my head                                                                           to return me to the world of words,                                                                     of thought, of physicality                                                                           and away from the dreams that seem                                                              so real.
Maybe that is why I write                                                        after all                                                                                                                              not just in the morning                                                                         not just in the mode of poems                                                                                but everything, all the time.

Putting pen to paper,                                                             pulling words down                                                              from the air and making them sit                                                                         and stay like dogs doing tricks                                                                               is how I wake up                                                                                                  every moment                                                                                            is how I come back                                                                                       into the present,                                                                                             the best gift of all.