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The cross of Christ

The crucifixion was a time of great emotion for Jesus. He was most like us at that point. He pleaded with God and at one point even felt abandoned.

During the rest of his life he was quite casual about everything, as if doing miracles such as walking on water, feeding thousands of people with a handful of food, and raising people from the dead were everyday occurrences. He would pray to his Father before each miracle he did, and he even sighed occasionally as if this was all too tedious and common.

Yet on the cross he was scared. He wasn’t sure if this was going to work out. He hoped this was going to be like the test of Abraham, where there was a reprieve at the last minute.

The difference was that on the cross, Jesus wasn’t in charge. He wasn’t performing the miracle. It was being performed on him. He was passive for the first time in his life. At that point, he was the most like us because he wasn’t in control of the situation.

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