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Age limits?

Our society is doomed.  We either are raising children who are too stupid to have common sense, or we are overly litigious.  Both indicate the failure of people to take personal responsibility for their lives and think ahead before they do anything.

Check this out.


This is for a credit-card sized magnifier with a light.  Seems simple enough, right?  Yet it is “Not recommended for children under 12.”  What is so dangerous about it that it can’t be used by a child who is 10? Or 6?

And this, discovered on the same day.  age2age3


It is a scarf (emblazoned with the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter) that is for ages 14 and up.

What world have we found ourselves in (or created) that 13 year old  people can’t wear a scarf safely?  Or 12? Or even 8?   Sure, I can see a very young child might get tied up in it and choke himself. But only for 14 and up?

Perhaps you recall seeing these?


Why would anyone think it would be a good idea to put their child in an enclosed plastic tub?  If you anyone is that dumb, doesn’t the Darwin award come into effect?

And if humans are so inept that we can drown in a few inches of water in a bucket, then why are we even still around?  Baby animals can take care of themselves far better than humans can very soon after being born.  Kittens can live independently at 6 weeks of age.  Meanwhile, humans can’t be left alone until they are at least 12, and that is only for a few hours.  Some can’t even support themselves at 50 and still live in their parent’s basements.

There are other warning labels around, to advise against hurting yourself. Here’s some great ones about fingers and hands.


Here are ones that are sarcastic.


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