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In sickness and in health

I know a lady who said that she had to get divorced from her husband because he was schizophrenic. I know another who said that she had to get divorced because her husband was an alcoholic. Neither husband was these things when they got married. They became this way after. They changed.

These are not acceptable reasons for divorce. What part of the vow that you will stay with each other “in sickness and in health” did they not get? When you marry it is a package deal. You don’t get to choose “health” or “richer”. Sometimes it is “sickness” and “poorer”.

When you marry it is for life. It is not something that is only when everything is working out fine. It means you’re going to stick with that person no matter what. Marriage isn’t easy.

I wonder what those women would have thought if the shoe was on the other foot? What if they were the ones to develop a severe and difficult form of mental illness? What if they were the ones to fall into addiction? Her bad situation would suddenly get worse because her spouse – the person who had sworn to be by her side through thick and thin – had left.

If you are not willing to stay with someone regardless of how things evolve, of how they change (and change is part of life), then do not get married.

2 thoughts on “In sickness and in health

  1. As someone who has experienced divorce and helped hundreds of people at various stages of separation and divorce, I agree that people have no clue how important a wedding vow is or what the real ramifications of divorce actually do to all involved (family, friends, etc…). Thanks for stating what so many feel, including me. Be blessed!!


    • Thank you for your kind understanding. I feared to post this because I thought that it would make people angry. But I think it is important to say that these vows aren’t to be taken lightly. I’ve been married for 12 years and it hasn’t all been easy or good. But I feel that if I can’t honor my vows that I made in front of my family and friends and God, then what do any of my promises mean?

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