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Invisible house in Antioch

I appear to have a fascination with places that don’t exist. These are buildings that used to be there, but aren’t anymore. Nothing else has been built in that location. Often the mailbox and the steps are left, but otherwise there is no sign of it.

I noticed this forlorn house while eating at a restaurant called “Blu Fig”. That address is 6444 Nolensville Pike, Antioch, TN 37013. This is located across from it, to the south west.


Here it is a little closer.

front close

It was raining that day, so we didn’t wander around it. There is something weird/interesting/exciting about wandering around an abandoned house. I’d never think to go into someone else’s yard and look in the windows of their house if it was occupied. But once abandoned, the rules change. Is it still property if nobody lives there?

We suspect that the reason the house is abandoned is the construction/destruction right next to it – just to the north.

This is using the 3D GPS feature on my phone. The orientation is to the south.  The red pin is for Blu Fig (which is a very good restaurant if you like Middle-Eastern food.)


What is this destruction? Is it for a road, or a shopping center?

What would it have been like to be in this house, listening to the explosions as they blew up the rock to make this area level with the street?

Imagine how the plates would rattle when the explosions went off. It must have felt like being at war. It was war, in a way. Imagine owning this house free and clear – you’ve paid on your mortgage for 30 years, going to work every day to make enough money to have a nice place to live. You’ve raised your children here. Or perhaps this was an inheritance – you lived here with your parents, and their parents before that. Many generations of memories here. This is where all the family gathered for holidays and transitions – graduations, birthdays, weddings, deaths.

And then some developer comes in the name of progress, and takes all of that away. It is theft.

Here are more 3D pics of the house and yard, from different angles. Notice the wall of rock to the left of the house (north of it, but more south in these pics).  It is 12-20 feet high.


This is all gone now.

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