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Into the deep (further work, as of 4-7-16)

I’m still not sure if this is done. Perhaps another year will pass before I see what needs to be done. The dark blue is too intense, but I also don’t want to essentially copy the color scheme I used with a recent piece. I’ve added so much detail to the blue that I kind of don’t want to cover it up, but perhaps the detail wasn’t enough to fix the problem. Or maybe “art is in the eye of the beholder” and someone else will like it.

11 x 14 canvas
Acrylic paint
Gel pens
Tissue dyed with distress ink
Broken key
Glitter gem
Chalk pen
Decoupage glue
Glazing medium
Pages from a Jacque Cousteau book.


Top left

Top right

Bottom left

Bottom right

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