Nativity set at Mercy Convent

Mercy nativity 1-9-16

I learned that the Catholic Church observes the season of Christmas until they celebrate the Baptism of Jesus, which this year is 1/10/16. This meant that the really nice Nativity set was still up in the chapel when I went on retreat from 1/8 – 1/9. There are real evergreens behind the creche. They are about 8 feet tall and smell amazing. The creche is on a table that is about three feet off the ground, and it is about five feet wide. The tallest figurine is about a foot high. Everybody is here – it is a packed scene! They have seven pots of poinsettias decorating the front.

I enjoyed sketching it in the chapel and then watercoloring it in my room. Ideally I’d watercolor it on site but the nuns were setting up for Mass so I felt I’d be more comfortable doing the messy bit without an audience.

Plus, I still can’t take Communion because of their (The Church’s) rules.
Again, not that Jesus made those rules…

I’m not sad/angry/upset about it because I feel I’m missing out – it is because they are. To exclude anyone is to be the exact opposite of what Jesus wanted. I pray that the Holy Spirit opens their eyes to the un-welcoming nature of a policy that says only Catholics can take communion.

Mercy nativity1

Mercy nativity 2

(edit 2-28-16, I decided to add more pictures that I’d taken)

…what is the speed of mind?

What is the speed of mind 010716

I have decided to start an art journal practice. More often that not, my “art journaling” is more journal than art. I want to strengthen my non-verbal side as well, so I’m committing to making a page like this at least once a week.

The title comes from a part of the page that was left visible, not obscured by paint.

8.5 x 12 Strathmore mixed media visual journal
matte medium
pages from “Sri Isopanisad” paperback
Tim Holtz Distress Ink (rusty hinge)
acrylic paint (Liquitex basics)
sparkly bits
Tools used – paper towel, flat brush, yogurt lid