Poem – God and money

I saw a church sign that said
“Did you give back to Him this week?”

I’m pretty sure what they meant
was money.
But what God wants
is work.

God wants your service.
God wants you to use your talents
to help someone,
to feed someone,
to clothe someone,
to visit someone in prison.

Bono said
“The God I believe in isn’t short of cash, mister.”
I think he’s on to something.
If God wanted money,
God would make money.
God made people.
God made us
to help each other.

God doesn’t want your money.
It isn’t as easy as that.

To give your money
to a church
or a charity
is to pay someone else
to do
good deeds.

What God wants
is for you
to help people
When you give money
to a charity
or a church
you’re letting someone else
get that good feeling
that comes
from helping someone

Poem – experts try

masters in their field
are only experts
after years of trying
and failing
but not failing
to try again.

Be an expert.
Make every day
a new day
to make something,
something better,
something new.

This includes,
but is not limited to

Getting jealous
of another’s success
is your failure,
your choice to compare
their ten years of work
to your
ten weeks of
thinking about it.

Do. Just Do.
There is no thinking.
Try and try again
and fail
and learn
and become
your own expert,
your own master.