Poem – Our daily bread

“Give us our daily bread”
isn’t really about food.
It refers to manna.
Heavenly bread, spiritual sustenance.
Just enough for today,
only one day at a time (Like AA).
It says
“Help me appreciate right now
– no worry about the future.
Help me trust that
have that under control.”

When we worry about our future
we are forgetting
the sovereignty
of God.
We are saying that
are in charge. We are making idols
of ourselves

God gave us the test
of the manna,
to see if we would gather
just enough
for this day,
to see if we would
walk in his ways
and trust him.

Eternal God, honor us
by giving us this day
our daily bread,
and may we
honor You
by gathering only enough
for today.


Poem – I am

I am
in the present now.
It is not to be defined
by what you do
your vocation or occupation
not a doctor or a waiter
But I am
open, fully present,
ready as a vessel for God
The true motivator
The impetus.

We are the means
But we can’t limit ourselves
by saying what we are,
simply say I am.