Poem – fruity people

There’s a Jewish prayer I say
every day
over the grapes I eat
at breakfast
and the wine I drink
at supper.

Blessed are you
Lord our God
Ruler of the Universe,
who creates
the fruit of the vine.

I’ve said it twice
every day
for a year,
but this time
I heard it

Here’s the thing –
God creates the fruit.
We are the fruit as well.
This means that if someone
isn’t “fruity”,
they aren’t productive,
they’re not doing anything
that seems useful,
it’s not something to blame them for.
That is entirely the result of God.
Don’t blame them
and don’t get mad at them.
It isn’t their fault.

Love them the way they are.

Also you can’t get mad at
a grape
or a plum
or an apple.

They’re all different
and they’re all needed.
One isn’t better than the other,
and all were created
by God
to be that way.