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Things we found in books

A bus pass.

Rolling papers.

Boarding passes.

Plane tickets.

Gift cards.

Pieces of toilet paper.

Gum wrappers.

Grocery lists.

Family photographs.

Birthday cards.

3 x 5 note cards with study questions on them.

Outgoing mail.

List of errands or chores.

Envelopes with fine money and a note with their library card number inside.

Handmade and store-bought bookmarks, some of which are very old and obviously cherished.

–Medical stuff–
A sonogram.
Doctor’s appointment notices.
Medical test results.

Biggest bill was $20.
Checks made out to the patron.
Checks that have not been cashed that are made out to the patron.

–Three dimensional things–
Nail files.
Hair ties.

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