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Books are personal

You can’t just recommend them to anybody. You have to know the person, as a person. Not just that they like to read. You have to know –what- they like to read, and sometimes why they like to read what they like to read.

You can’t assume that simply because you loved a certain book or a certain author that everybody will. Everybody doesn’t need to read John Grisham or Neil Gaiman. Not everybody needs to read Danielle Steel or George Martin. The styles are vastly different. Women who read Debbie Macomber won’t read anything by Zane. Note that Zane is not the same as Zane Grey.

Oh, the horror if you mix those two different audiences up.

Books are like shoes. They don’t fit everybody. Also, different books are for different purposes. Just like you wouldn’t wear galoshes while playing tennis, you wouldn’t read an accounting textbook on your vacation.

Or maybe you would.

And that is the point.

Everybody is different, and that is a great thing. There’s a book out there for you, that fits your mood, and your need. It just isn’t what everybody else is reading, because they aren’t you.

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