Honest interview questions.

People get questions when they go to interviews. Sometimes they are given a chance to ask their own questions. Usually they are about benefits or salary, but rarely are they about anything that really matters. Getting a new job is like getting married without even dating first. You go through a lot to get hired, and you just don’t know if it is going to work out until you are already stuck. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be truly honest during interviews and ask what we really are wondering about?

Here are some requirements that would be great to bring up if social conventions didn’t say otherwise.

No overtime, nights or weekends.

Work only 30 hours a week at most.

Never called in for extra – the schedule is the schedule.

Work with coworkers who do their fair share – no shirkers.

Less than a 20 minute commute.

Work at the same location every day.

The opinions of the staff are important and respected. Their advice is asked for and implemented.
Low stress.


The job provides a feeling of providing a meaningful contribution to the community.

No backbiting or gossip. Honest communication. Emotionally healthy and mature coworkers.

If there are managers, they do the same work as their subordinates do, and more. Thus they know what they are asking their employees to do.

2 hour lunch.

No clocking in or out – we are trusted.

Nobody takes advantage of that and is habitually stealing time. (that goes back to emotionally mature coworkers)

Vacation time, sick time, health insurance, and pension are included.