The treasure of the Grail

The quest for the Holy Grail, if done right, is a quest inside your very self. It isn’t to be found “out there” in an archaeological site or an abandoned warehouse. It is to be found right where you are.

Remember in the last Indiana Jones film how he passed the test by picking the simple cup? Jesus wouldn’t have used a gold chalice, encrusted with gems. It would have been simple and efficient. It was a last minute Passover meal, held in a borrowed room. There wasn’t time for fancy. They didn’t even carry money on them, so they certainly wouldn’t have had a fancy gold chalice.

The cup is simpler than even that. The grail, the cup of Christ, isn’t even a simple wooden vessel. It isn’t a piece of pottery. The Grail is your body. The blood of Christ runs in your veins. The kingdom of heaven is within you, after all.

The Grail, like God, isn’t in some inaccessible place. The Grail, like God, is here on Earth, within easy reach.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look for it. Just telling you isn’t enough. You have to work for this treasure. But the longer you think that it is something far away and something that someone else has found, the more you are missing it.

You are Christ’s body on this Earth. If you have Jesus in your heart, he starts to take over. You start to realize that your life isn’t your own anymore. It never was anyway. You just didn’t know it.

It is kind of like AA. Once you resolve to change your life, everything starts to need to be changed. But like AA, this awakening comes from within. Someone else can’t do it for you. In fact, if they try, it will just shortchange and delay you.

Your job on this earth is to be the cup of Christ, and share the healing that he shared. Your job is to carry him within you, serving everyone you meet in the same loving way.

When we all do that, the Kingdom of Heaven is here.