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Praying in color 9-7-13 “Brown”

WP pic 9-7-13

Praying in color isn’t about drawing, so much as opening yourself up to Spirit. It is giving your hands something to do to open up your heart to God. Sometimes you end up with a pretty picture in the meantime, but the point is to gain an insight or an understanding.

Today I picked up a brown pencil. I’d recently reorganized my pencils and sorted this box into yellows, red/pink/orange, and neutrals. This one was in the neutrals and I wondered why.

Then I started to think about how arbitrary sorting and defining is. When we name things we limit them. We start to apply other limits to them.

When I had some mauve beads, I found out that if I put them next to blue beads they looked more purple. If I put them near red beads they looked more pink.

Either way, I wasn’t letting the beads just be what they were. I was subtly altering them

I feel that I do this all the time with people. I put them in boxes. She’s in the married person box. He’s in the addict box. They are in the stoner box. I stop being able to see how people can be both and more. I stop being able to see a person’s full potential. What you are now isn’t what you are going to become. Who could ever imagine a huge mustard tree coming from a tiny mustard seed?

When I define, I limit. I draw a line around it and say this is where it stops. But not everything can be defined. Some things are multiple. The funny thing is that is the very quality I admire. I have tattoos that look Celtic but are Buddhist. I like seeing things blend. I like mixing things up so you have to open your eyes. I like questioning “Why?” So I’m amused that I still feel a need to define, to limit.

The moment we define we stop looking. We know what is coming next. We don’t need to look anymore, learn any more. But nothing is ever that easy. Nothing ever fits firmly in a box.

I like eating pot roast with Indian lime pickle sauce. I’m pretty sure that is a violation of some rule – eating cow with an Indian condiment. I don’t tell my Hindu friends. But it tastes awesome. I like eating empanadas with hummus. Latin America meets Middle East. Why not?

When we expand our definitions, we start seeing things for what they really are. When we stop putting things and people in boxes we can start to really see.

Is brown a neutral, or does it go with the yellows, or oranges? It is us who divide and limit, and thus not see what is.

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