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Prayer for Syria

It is time for prayer. It is time to shift the consciousness of the American government. We do not need to go to war with Syria.

Protesting the Syrian government’s killing of its citizens by chemical warfare by sending bombs to kill more of its citizens? Wait. That is insane. It is as if we are saying that how they are killing innocent people is wrong – so we want to show them how it is done. What will a military strike achieve? Nothing good. More people will die.

Even if war made sense – which it doesn’t, we can’t afford it.

We are in a deficit. One fourth of American children do not know where their next meal is coming from. Our roads and bridges need repair. Gas prices keep going up. Our elderly need help paying for their homes – if they have them. Homelessness is rampant because of foreclosures and layoffs.

We cannot afford war – either morally, or financially.

Pray for peace. Pray that the American government has a change of heart. There is still time. Wherever you are, whoever you are, please stop for a moment and pray for peace. It is time.

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