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On giving thanks for food

You don’t pray before eating to bless the food. You pray to give thanks. You pray to keep yourself in check. You pray to remain mindful.

How many people were involved in getting that food to you? The farmer who owns the land. The worker who harvested it. The trucker who transported it to the store. The stocker and the clerk at the store. Or perhaps you go to the farmers market? There are many people involved no matter where you buy your food.

That food doesn’t just happen. It didn’t magically appear in front of you.

If you eat in a restaurant, there’s the manager, the chef, and the server.

Many many people are responsible for this food that you are enjoying. Be mindful of them. Give thanks for them. Send them a blessing.

Then there are others. The bees who pollinated the flowers that grew into the fruit you eat. The worms and ants who loosen the soil so the roots can get water. The sun. The rain. Even if you grow your own food, you aren’t the only one involved.

We are just a tiny part of this, and it is through collective effort that we are able to enjoy the life that we have.

It is good to stop and be mindful of this. It is good to not take anything for granted. It is good to be in a constant state of thankfulness.

Dear God,
Bless this food that it may heal me, and through me, I may heal the world. Amen.

2 thoughts on “On giving thanks for food

  1. That is something my parents always taught us kids and that is to give thanks before you put anything in your mouth. even when I am out eating I pray, people look some have said thank you some just wonder but I know better I have to give God thanks because it could be that I have nothing to put in my mouth.

    One day this was years ago but me and one of the ladies from church was out and she ate but did not pray before she ate the food I prayed and than ate. About an hour into the meal she became sick I told her had she of given thanks to God first she would of never became sick.

    She later laughed and said you know you are correct…


    • I’ve heard other say that too – to give thanks means you are protected from illness. There is some Biblical truth in that – that if we are working in accordance with God’s will, we cannot be harmed by even snakes or poison. We make sure we are in that space by being in a constant state of prayer. But – then, somehow saying that someone got sick because they didn’t pray before a meal also sounds like blaming the victim, so something sounds wrong about that as well.


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