Sestina – Stone

The waves of time beat against the stone.
If only we too were like the fish
who lunges against the striving green
waves like they are a sea of stars.
Oh, my dear, if only you too could see that light
and let it unlock you like a key.

There is a house that has no key.
The doors are all made of stone.
I don’t know how the rooms are full of light
when the windows are filled with painted fish
and the ceilings are devoid of stars.
When will we feel free to run into the green?

The wilderness is in the village green.
The center holds the key.
When will we see within our own centers the compass star?
There is a wilderness there too, in the stone
in our hearts that we sit on to look up at the fish
painted in the sky with heavenly light.

Follow that light.
It leads you into the leafy green
wilderness filled with silvery fish
who hold the key
that will unlock your heart’s stone
doorway, transforming you into a star.

You are a star.
Within you shines the eternal light
that poets and artists, stone
drunk on wild aromatic green
incense think to unlock with that key,
not seeing that water is unknown to the fish.

Water is so much part of the life of a fish
That she can’t even see above her the star.
Within the wilderness of her heart lies the key
that will unlock her inner light,
spilling like fresh, life-giving green
onto the altar of stone.

Fish, you have within you a light
that is brighter than a star, and filled with a life so green
it is the key to any door made of stone.