To choose to read something based on the gender or race of the person who wrote it is “ist”.

I knew a lady who is a lesbian who only read books written by women. I wasn’t brave enough to ask her if she ever read anything by George Sand.

There are people who say they are feminists, and they only will worship “the divine feminine” – the Goddess.

There are white people who will only read things by white people, and black people who will only read books by black people.

This is all “ist” – racist, sexist.

It is making God in your own image. It is staying in your own neighborhood. It is only looking at yourself and not knowing anything about your neighbor.

How can you love your neighbor if you know nothing about her or him?

But likewise, to choose your friends based solely on their race or gender is also “ist” -even if they are opposite you. To be white and pick a friend because he is black – not because of who he is, is “ist”.