Come with me on a journey.  This is the Camino de Santiago – the Way of Saint James.  It is a path across Spain that points towards the final resting place of Jesus’ beloved apostle James.


Buckaroo Banzai said “Wherever you go, there you are.” But in this case, wherever you are is where you start.  Each journey starts in your heart, when you first hear about this pilgrimage path.  It begins with the call to walk it, to imagine yourself being there, walking for a week at a minimum, or even for months.


Some take a plane to get to the starting point.  Some take a bus, or a train, or a taxi.  Some simply walk out of their front door – as the pilgrims in medieval times did.  Their journeys were always double – for they had to walk back home as well.     They followed the Milky Way, as it stretches west to east along the path.  In fact, it is said that there were stars above the grave of Saint James, showing where he was hidden during the times of the Moorish (Islamic) conquest of Spain.


The path is an inner conquest today – an opportunity to remember to unite with God in all things, that we cannot do it all by ourselves, a chance to remember to carry little and trust much.   But then, a thousand years ago, the path was a way of re-claiming Spain for Christ.  Saint James is also known as “Matamoros” – The Moor-Slayer.


We must remember that we can walk this journey with others.   It is good to share the messages that God has given you to others.  They too may be called on the same path.  God wants us to work together.  We were not made to be alone.


Sometimes the journey is difficult.  It is uphill, on loose ground.  Our footing is suspect.


Sometimes we may think we have lost our way.


Yet keep going – there will always be a sign or someone to point the way.






And the best advice?


(All pictures are from Pinterest)


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