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A map of Old Lebanon Dirt Road

I like to take the scenic route to Centering Prayer.  It is calming, which puts me in the right frame of mind.  Otherwise I have to take the freeway, which is the exact opposite.  It is faster, but while I gain time, I lose my calm.  Taking the back road makes me feel like I have traveled back in time.

There are little areas along the way, little milestones. I’d like to share them with you.

This is traveling to Centering Prayer, so I am traveling East. (All images are from Google Maps)




The tulip Grove intersection.


A wall of trees that are cut.


The dangerous left-hand curve.

map 4

The graveyard on the left.

map 5

The slope that reminds me of Grandfather or Beech mountain.

map 6

The circle B.

map 7

The rocks as a wall.

map 8

The big empty field.

map 9

The black metal gate on the right.

map 10

Global vision Bible Church.

map 11

The nice little forest.

map 12

The stacked wall at the bridge.

map 13a

map 13

The sometimes goat farm.

map 14

The outcropping of rocks left and right.

map 15

The chicken farm on the left.

map 16

The chicken mailbox on the right (2814).

map 17

The straightaway with the sign that says “Blessed” (This sign is here now, but not in this picture)

map 18

The wall of trees on the left.

map 19

The gray dry land.

map 20


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