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Two different walls

This intersection is at McCallie Avenue and Central Avenue – headed North West.  To see it online, you can look up 1001 McCallie Avenue, Chattanooga, TN and turn left.



Here is a wider view courtesy of Google street view –


These walls used to be the same.  They were old and interesting.  Now the one on the right is obviously new.  I like that it tries to look old, but it is missing something. Sure, they could have just used concrete or bricks, so I’m glad it kind of blends in.


But it just doesn’t have the character of this old wall to the left.


Is the new wall even real stone – or is it concrete made to look like stone?  Doesn’t someone know how to stack stones like this anymore?

The lot on the left used to be part of a home.  There was an interesting house here.  It has been gone for years – but there is nothing there.  Further research will be required to find out why this valuable area has been empty all this time.


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