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Sea Star

The Starfish is now called  a “Sea Star” because it is not a fish.  But it is also not a star.

Does it matter what we call something?  Does that change what it is?


What about people?  Are you a different person when you change your name – through marriage, adoption, gender reassignment, or other major life event?


Or are you simply solidifying a truth?  Perhaps by changing your name, you are making the outside match the inside.  Perhaps by asking others to call you something else, you are saying to them that you are someone else, now.


Some names are given to us.  Some are nicknames that are not so nice.  Some are names that represent a truth that we are not willing (or ready) to acknowledge. Some tell more about the giver of the name than the person they are naming.

You do not have to accept a name that you do not like.  You do not have to answer to what someone else calls you if it does not harmonize with who you truly are.


Perhaps Western culture would benefit from people being allowed to choose new names for themselves. Just like we grow into and out of styles of expression with our choice of clothing or music or books we read – we should be able to change our names without it being unusual.

What name would you pick for yourself if you could do so?  What name (s) have been given to you by others that you would rather forget?  What is the name you call yourself when no one else is around?


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