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The Narrow Way

The Way itself is narrow.  Walking along a narrow path is the Way.  The Way isn’t a destination.  It is a practice, a method, a way of life.


There are many different kinds of paths on the Way.  What makes the path is the fact that you are on it.


Sometimes it can get confusing, trying to figure out where to go next.  Slow down, and ask God to show you the Way that is right.


Sometimes people leave bits of kindness along the Way to cheer you on.  They make an otherwise bland experience exceptional with their thoughtfulness.


Sometimes you must walk at difficult times, in unusual places.  The Way is not always easy.


You may be alone for some of it.  This may be unusual for you.  Do you know how to “be” with yourself, when you have none of the usual distractions?


It is so easy to get sidetracked.  How do you stay focused and on the path?  Is it OK to stop for a little while?  Or will a little while become forever?


Don’t forget to look up.  Too much looking down at the path draws our attention inwards, where everything is immediate, personal.  Take time to look around you and connect with the world that you are journeying through.


Savor the journey – you may never pass this way again.


What do you bring with you?  The more you carry, the harder the journey will be.   Your baggage isn’t just physical – what worries, assumptions, expectations do you bring?  They can slow you down just the same as a pack that is too heavy.  Travel light.


Trust that all will be provided to you if and when you need it.


People are generally good, but we don’t hear about it because good news doesn’t sell papers.  Seek them out.  Cherish them.  Start a collection of goodness.  If you don’t find enough of it, start with yourself and be extra kind to whoever is nearest you.


Good is contagious, and costs nothing to share.


It lightens our hearts, and ultimately, isn’t that the purpose of this Way?  To learn to live and love with less, with all we are, and with all we meet along our journey?



Surely this is what Jesus meant when he talked about the Kingdom of Heaven being here on earth with us, right now.  We don’t have to wait for it to come to us.  We can bring it here among us by our actions.


And perhaps, at the end, we will come right round to the beginning again.  Do not fear the darkening path if there is light at the end.  We all must go through darkness to get to the light.  It is how we appreciate it – by experiencing the contrast and the challenge.



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