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Narrow houses and places

These buildings were created in between other buildings. They are in alleys, in leftover space.

This is known as the Hollensbury Spite House, and it is in Alexandria, Virginia. It is called a “spite house” because the owner built it as a reaction to other people, not because he needed a place to live. He owned the white and red houses, and got sick of people loitering in the alley between them. He built this house to prevent people from being there. It is 7-foot-wide and 25-foot-deep, and is occupied.

This house is in Boston, Massachusetts. The story is that two brothers inherited land, and one unfairly divided it, leaving his brother with just a tiny lot. His brother built his house in such a way that light and air was cut off from the other house. It is four stories high. At its widest point it is 10.5 feet, with the smaller portions about 6.5 feet wide. It is entered through a small alley.

I like it best when they use the “outside” walls of the other houses as their walls. All they have to do is create the front, the back, and the top. A lot of the structural work is already done.

This is Wolfie’s, a sandwich shop in Boone, NC. It is between a law firm and an ice cream shop.

Here is the outside. (from the web)
wolfies outside

Here is the inside. It is definitely a to-go kind of place. (from the web)
Wolfies inside

Here are screencaptures from Google maps, to show you that it is sandwiched in between the other buildings.
wolfies big
wolfies big2

What narrow houses can you find?


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