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Look – the Messiah!

Jesus was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God will come. He answered “You won’t be able to see when the kingdom of God comes because it is among you.”

Then he spoke to the disciples. “Soon you will miss days like this, where the Son of Man is among you. People will say ‘Look there!’ or ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ Don’t listen to them or go where they show you. False messiahs and false prophets will gain prominence and will mislead a lot of people by performing great signs and wonders. Even the elect are at risk of being led astray by them.”

“I’ve told you everything in advance so that you can be on your guard. This way if they say ‘Look he’s in the wilderness’ or ‘He’s in the inner rooms’, you’ll know not to believe what they say and you’ll stay where you are.”

“The Son of Man will come in the same way that lightning flashes from one side of the sky to the other, lighting it all up.”

MT 24:23-27, MK 13:21-23, LK 17:20-24

8 thoughts on “Look – the Messiah!

  1. Today we are still facing the problem that lots of Christians do not want to see the son of man, Jeshua (Jesus Christ) to be the son of God, and having them worshipping three gods instead the Only One God of Jesus, the God of Abraham, Who is also the God of Adam and Eve, The Divine Creator.


    • Today we also have a lot of Christians who do not know Jesus at all as a real, living person. They see Jesus (Jeshua) as someone who lived 2000 years ago, and is up in heaven, and will come again. They don’t make a place for Jesus in their hearts, letting Him use them to heal the world.


      • Therefore those who call themselves Christian, follower of Christ, should take up the teachings and the task of Christ, going out into the world with the message of the coming Kingdom of god, everywhere telling the Good News and why it is so important to accept Jesus for what he really was and for what he really did, dying for our sins.


      • I believe that our biggest commandment is what Jesus told Peter – to “feed my sheep” and to do what he told the disciples to do when he sent them out – to heal all forms of sickness and to raise the dead. We are to BE Jesus in this world – to do as he did. We are to forgive people, not condemn them. We are to love them as they are, not as we think they should be. We are to include the outcasts and the unwelcome – we are to “Be a friend of sinner” as Jesus was acccused of being.

        On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 10:23 AM, betsybeadhead wrote:



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